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We started our online business in 2004, and our first website was called Your Fastest Way To Permanent Weight Loss.  This  was a great success due to the author  of this unique weight loss program Marie Kearney Gordon, getting together with an offline business specializing in Publishing Sales & Marketing.

Marie Kearney Gordon has been a  leading author of many publications and articles in the Health & Wellness industry since 1992 and has written for many leading publications both offline initially, and then subsequently in the online sphere.

Business Arena was formed in 1995 to publish and promote many varied and diverse works from different authors. With the advent and expansion of the Internet, the focus has been more to online publishing and marketing. The Company also promotes a number of websites which supply physical products such as gardening items. golf items and lingerie

This combination of talents has been a formula that  has worked extremely well over the last four years, and there are plans to expand the number of websites operated by the Company.

The information which we publish on our websites is designed to provide people with the ability to be able to benefit themselves. This information is general in nature, and should not replace consulting with your doctor or a medical specialist in any other sphere. 

Take what you learn from our websites and speak with your personal physician, or indeed any other suitably qualified medical specialist if you are not sure what to do in your own situation.

Marie Kearney Gordon


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