Benefits And Importance Of Yoga For The Elderly

Yoga For The Elderly
Yoga For The Elderly

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Time and again we have been saying Yoga is not too old or too young for anyone.

The sooner you start it the better, but if you haven’t had your time of glory in young age then you still can do it at your current age. Age, Sex, Religion, Race, Caste or Creed is no bar with yoga. You will only gain from it and not loose anything in life.

With the increasing age people have stopped doing their routine exercise which is totally wrong. By exercising or doing yoga you tend to get younger by age and heart. Age should never be a hindrance. It is very important that you continue the old lifestyle with control on your diet. Life gets to be very simple and easy to live in.

Make sure to consult your doctor if you are starting these yoga poses for the first time. Yoga not only has asana but other techniques such as breathing and meditation. It is a combination of all three which are very important. Pranayam is one of the basic exercises which everyone would start with.

These are very simple and easy to do exercises. Meditation is also very helpful as it removes your stress and would get you to a place you could hardly know about.

These can cure many illnesses. A slow and gradual process would help you many ways and make this very simple. The common and simple things you can keep in mind is that, don’t exert yourself, don’t bend too much, take your time and do the poses, whatever you do, see to it that these exercises do not cause pain while doing it.
Author: Kevin Pederson                

About the author:
Kevin Pederson, the webmaster for Yogawiz mentions the importance of yoga for young as well as old, a boon for many who goes through this stage in their lifetime.

 This is an excellent video with great options showing the benefits and importance of yoga for the elderly!

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