Weight Training For Women! – Is It Right For You!

woman with weights
Weight training for women

There is a considerable amount of misconception and a great deal of of false information regarding weight training for women. The most common question that nearly each and every woman has asked before deciding to enter the weight training area room is, “Am I going to develop muscle tissues like Arnold Swartzenegger” – Well, let us quickly disabuse you of that idea in the easiest way possible.

Most women have mistakenly taken weight coaching or resistance coaching as a training routine which will later result in the formation of muscles which will make them look manly, but there is definitely no way that is humanly possible for any woman to become something like the seven time Mr Olympia, simply by way of  lifting a few weights, or even by doing an extensive exercise routine. That remains true even if you are lifting many more weights, and doing much more exercise than the average girl next door.

Human biology makes it clearly impossible for a woman’s body to react to weight coaching in the same way as it would for a man. However weight training for women will build lean muscles, and one major benefit of that, is that lean muscles help women to avoid osteoporosis. It also helps refrain or slow down the bone loss process which is a result of aging, and it also helps women strengthen and rebuild their bones.

A woman’s body incorporates high ranges of estrogen, while men are genetically talented with the muscle building substance of testosterone, and although women do posses some degree of testosterone (about one-tenth compared to men), with the presence of estrogen being a lot higher in them, constructing huge muscle mass is highly unlikely.

There is a another common question among women, and that is that that their bodies are not designed to lift weights, but nothing could be further from the truth.  If you stop to consider it for a moment, it is the case that in fact women are uniquely designed for load-bearing activities, because their bodies are designed to withstand the difficulties of pregnancy and childbirth.  So, as long as a womane receives proper instruction and uses proper techniques, there is little risk her injuring herself weight lifting.

Please also don’t be concerned about becoming a muscle-induced freak which takes over your body.  That is not going to happen, until of course, that is your goal.

With more and more girl athletes shifting into the professional bodybuilding arena however, similarly misconceptions are created related to weights and the muscle building process. The average woman believes that if she were to weight train, she would start to look like these women seen in muscle magazines, but not only are these women professional athletes, they are also, well, professionals at the end of the day. They eat, sleep, and live their education and weight-reduction plan routines.

They work hard, are extremely dedicated to their quest for fitness, and above all, comprehend and understand their our bodies sufficiently well to know what measures need to be taken to obtain their goals.

So it will take a lot more than a few weight-training periods, and a couple of protein shakes to gain muscular tissues and look like a bodybuilder, because professional bodybuilders have spent years and years perfecting their appearance.

So some controlled and balance weight training for women has some other undoubted benefits to health. For instance, as well as the benefit of stronger bones, weight training for women has also been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, two diseases that are a risk for women. As well as that, increased muscle mass results in a higher metabolism, meaning that women who lift weights will burn fat and calories more efficiently.

So the overall conclusion would be that resistance training with weight is a very beneficial activity for women!

There is equally no reason why any woman should fear that she might lose her glamour, or be any less feminine in any way, by doing weight training in moderation.

It is every woman’s dream to have a svelte like figure, but since not all of them have a film star appearance, they can still be lean and have a healthier figure without going to extremes. Most women will agree that looking good is hard work. This is when weight training for women can help most definitely help.

Wow Wow Wow!!! Another undoubted fabulous benefit to womens’ weight training. Just look at the views this video has had. Don’t wait to get started yourself!

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