Can Following A High Protein Low Carb Diet Make You Thin

Foods High In Fiber
Foods High In Fiber

With obesity reaching record levels, following a high protein low carb diet is often the suggested approach to losing weight. But does it work!

Looking back to the decades of the 1970’s and those following, we were told that we had to eat a low fat diet low carb diet. This  information was given out to us on a regular basis despite clear knowledge that not all fats, or indeed carbs are bad for us.

Many world governments, particularly in the developed Western world, took the very high minded view that we were too stupid to understand the difference between the two different types of fats. As a result of this, we fell into low fat, low carb dieting spiral for decades, effectively ruining millions of lives, and killing many more.

High protein diets were therefore extremely popular, but studies have shown that they can cause bad breath, digestive issues, and may even cause kidney disorders. No diet that concentrates on one food group to the exclusion of others is healthy.  Even today much miss-information about fat continues to be spread by health authorities, dietitians and the medical profession, possibly to further their own vested interests who knows!

To equate the fat of an avocado with that of a hamburger, to give one example, has fortunately gone by the way in the past 10 years.

A healthy eating plan therefore, is one that combines all the nutrients that your body needs in order to function at its best. There are two different types of nutrients found in food. Macro nutrients are found in carbohydrates, protein, fats and water. Micro nutrients are vitamins and minerals. Your body needs both types to flourish and it is only by ensuring that you eat them in the right quantities, that you will have a chance of reaching your optimum weight.

Following a high protein low carb diet may not be ideal however. Although we need proteins to produce amino acids which is used to make cells and tissues, you will put on weight if you eat too much of the wrong sources of protein. Full fat dairy products and fatty red meat are both great sources of protein, but consumed excessively, will lead to heart disease, cholesterol problems, and other related health issues.

Also not all carbohydrates are created equal.  Your body needs large quantities of carbohydrates to function properly but this does not mean that you can eat as many cakes and biscuits as you want. You should be aiming to consume carbs that score low on the hypoglycemic index. These will help you lose weight and gain energy  which coincidentally will be perfect for those new exercise sessions you are going to be undertaking!

But what does the hypoglycemic index mean! It is simply a measure of how the food you eat reacts in your body. Foods with a high hypoglycemic index are converted very quickly into glucose, whilst those low GI foods convert much more slowly. What does that mean for you! Well glucose is what our body uses for energy, but if it doesn’t use all the glucose you consume, the excess is converted to fat and stored on our bodies.

It makes sense that we would prefer to eat less of those foods that convert quickly into glucose as we are looking to lose weight not increase our fat levels.

Carbohydrates such as white bread and potatoes, are high GI rated foods so best avoided when trying to lose weight. Weight gain is not the only worry with consuming too many high GI rated foods. This overdose of glucose has been linked to the increase in diabetes, an illness we all want to avoid if possible.

Following a low GI diet combined with a gentle exercise plan will lead to weight loss and other health benefits. You will be increasing your intake of fiber which should help prevent cancer. You will look younger as your skin will benefit from the lower consumption of sugar and toxins.

So do yourself a favour, knock the high protein low carb diet on the head and start eating low GI rated foods instead.

Very informative video very much based on the theme of our article. Great information in it!

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