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I am proud to present this page to you. The wonderful people below allowed me to share  their weight loss success stories with you.  They sent them to me after using my fabulous weight loss program, and I will add more pages as time permits.

If you would like your weight loss success story to appear on this page just email me at mariegordon@howtoloseitfast.com



                                                               Hi All,     (Larry Reese)

Larry Reese - 322 PoundsWhen Marie Gordon asked me for a before and after picture, I did not hesitate as I have a lot to thank her for, because her plan set me on the right road.

I really needed to lose weight, my weight was seriously affecting my health my blood pressure was sky high and I really was so unfit.  I knew it could not go on, and that I had to lose weight.  At my worst I weighed a whopping 322 pounds.

I know how I got so big!  I was eating enormous quantities of food,  it had gotten completely out of control.  I came from a generation where my mom was always feeding me and saying " I was a growing lad"
                                                               (just grew a bitLarry Reese - 194 Pounds too big!), I then got married and my wife was just the same.  I just got bigger and bigger!  When it seriously affected my health I knew I had to something about it,

I now weigh in at 194 pounds, I look like a different person.  In the picture above I looked like an old man, I was only 41 years old. 

Now my wife tells me how trendy and good I look.  My blood pressure is back to normal, my health is really good because of the weight loss. I only wish I'd done it a good few years sooner, as I feel that I have missed out on some of the adventures with my kids.  I was just so unfit everything was a struggle, so I just did not join in with the fun my kids were having. I will never let myself go back to the way that I was, I was an old man well before
                                                               my time. Thanks Marie I owe you!


Magaret Nolan - 252 Pounds

This is Margaret Nolan

I was completely miserable, before I went on your fantastic program.  Because of my size I never wanted to go out before and I just stayed in all the time.

This made things worse because I just ate and became bigger and bigger.  Friends used to say that I wasn't that bad, and to give myself a break. I knew that they were trying to be kind and that made it even worse. I was 252 pounds and on a self destruct feel sorry for myself campaign.

The last straw for me was seeing a picture of me at a local swimming pool, enough was enough. A friend of mine told me about your diet programme that she had followed. It had really really worked for her, so  I decided to try it as well.
Magaret Nolan - 152 Pounds
I lost 13 ponds in my first week, and this
definitely gave me the motivation to keep going. I now weigh 152 pounds and boy am I happy. No more staying in, my life has totally changed.

This picture was taken of my grand daughter and me, and I  look a lot happier don't you think. I have a full active life now, and  my family are really enjoying the new me. 

My attitude has totally changed, and I am not just sitting at home eating all the time. I eat healthy meals and have some treats as well. I
love to go shopping for clothes now.


Shannon Robertson - 249 PoundsMy name is Shannon Robertson, and I always felt like the happy fat girl. I was always smiling on the outside but inside I was totally miserable.  I was desperate to wear fashionable clothes, and look good in a pair of jeans. All my friends could buy lovely clothes, but not me.

I wanted to be just like my friends. I was only seventeen when this picture was taken and I look so much older and old fashioned in it.  I did not have a boyfriend and  just hated the way I looked.

                                 Shannon Robertson - 122 Pounds                              
When I started your weight loss program I lost a lot of weight real quick in my first week, I felt really good and I continued with your healthy eating plan. I was determined to lose all the weight that I had put on. 

I feel my life is totally transformed and I think that I do look great in my jeans now.  Wearing nice clothes is real good, and  I can even swap clothes with my friends, because we are all similar sizes now.

I also have a boyfriend now and it is really good going out with friends and having fun for a change.  I am now 122 pounds and delighted, because at my heaviest I weighed 249 pounds.  I am now the happy slim girl and I am just loving it!


Sonya Tennison - 218 Pounds

name is Sonya Tennison, and the picture is of my husband Craig and my daughter Melissa. I weigh 218 pounds in this picture.

I had just allowed the weight to pile on after my daughter was born, although my husband told me he loved me just the way that I was. 

But I did not like the size I had become.  I really wanted to take control and become the slim woman he had married. When I started your "fastest way to permanent weight loss plan" I was so so skeptical.

I had tried so many diets in the past only
Sonya Tennison - 128 Pounds                                to fail. All the weight that I had lost and then
some. just went straight back on. I was just
so slow
I am a full time working Mom, and there was never enough time to think about what I was eating.  I am ashamed to say that the amount of junk that I could put away was unreal. I was also worried my daughter would pick up on all my unhealthy eating habits.

I had success with your diet program in my first week!  I couldn't believe that it was working for me.  There were some things I had to change in the program, because of allergies, but when I emailed Marie Gordon she responded quickly and gave me helpful
advice.  I am now 128 pounds and really happy!  My husband loves the new me.



Check back soon for more weight loss success stories. 

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